Do You Need Iodine for Nuclear Fallout? A Natural/Nutritional Approach

  • Posted on: 16 March 2011
  • By: mokshalom

As I type this, brave souls in Japan are feverishly working to cool down a nuclear plant that could be about ready to blow. I've been following the nuclear disaster in Japan for the past few days. What is amazing to me is the wide range of opinions on the subject. Some folks seem to think that there's nothing to worry about, while others think that what's really going on is a lot worse than what they are willing to tell us.

Folks who are in Japan (particularly Tokyo) are confused as to whether to stay or go, or to take seriously the nuclear threat. Folks on the West Coast of America are being told alternatively to not worry about any fallout blowing across the sea, or, to "be prepared" and get potassium iodide.

By the way: People get confused by the talk about radioactivity. Sure, much of the "radioactivity" around Japan right now is at fairly low levels. "Not as bad as x-ray!" you'll hear some people say. But here's the thing: It doesn't matter how low the radioactivity is, if you consume one particle of radioactive material, and it lodges inside your body's organs, you can get very sick. It doesn't take much. There is "radiation," which comprises electromagnetic waves such as gamma rays and x-rays, and then there are the radioactive particles that give off the radiation. So this is why potassium iodide can be so important in a nuclear disaster - it can save lives.

Problem is, it's almost impossible to find potassium iodide in the United States right now - there's been a run on it.

Why would you want potassium iodide? Well, to make a long story short, in a nuclear explosion, radioactive particles are pushed into the air. One of them is radioactive iodine. Your thyroid needs iodine, and it can't tell the radioactive stuff from the good stuff. So if radioactive iodine is around, and you are in need of iodine, your thyroid will take it the radioactive stuff instead of the good stuff, and the radioactivity will wreak havoc on your body's cells.

Oh, it could take years before cancer might manifest. But radioactive iodine is not something you want in your body.

Iodine is one radioactive particle we can protect ourselves from directly. Taking potassium iodine floods your thyroid with good iodine, so when the radioactive stuff enters the body, the full thyroid flushes it right back out again.

How to Get More Iodine and Protect From Other Radioactive Elements, the Natural Way
Assuming that you live on the West Coast and you are concerned about some stray radioactive particles, but you can't get any potassium iodide, you can still do something. You can get more iodine simply by eating iodine-rich foods.

These include kelp/seaweed, cranberries, dairy products, strawberries, and potatoes. You can read this list for more information. Spirulina and all of those super green foods you get in green smoothies are also very good to have.

Some folks also say that topical iodine solution can add iodine to your system - this is the orange-brown stuff you would use to clean a wound. I am not entirely sure how much you use. Some say put a few drops on your arm, and when it disappears you need more. But you might want to search the Internet yourself for more information particular to your situation.

Despite the focus on just iodine, you can do something to help your body protect itself from other radioactive contamination. Getting a full supply of vitamins and minerals will support your body in rejecting other radioactive elements:

Calcium - Blocks uptake of stronium-90
Iron - Blocks uptake of plutonium
Potassium - Reduces uptake of cesium-137
Zinc - reduces uptake of radioactive zinc-65
Vitamin B 12 - Suppresses the uptake of cobalt-60

So, taking a good vitamin/mineral supplement, eating super green foods, and consuming (non-contaminated) fruits and vegetables will help your body stave off any bad radioactive material coming your way.

Eating these things will help you regardless, so there is double benefit.

All that said, if we're lucky, the nuclear power plant will be contained and things won't get worse. But it doesn't hurt to be prepared and also to understand how you might protect yourself in the event of another nuclear disaster.

Good nutrition can go a long way in making our body stronger and more resilient - even in the face of a nuclear disaster. And if nutrition makes that much of a difference, just think about what good nutrition can also do when there isn't any nuclear fallout!


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